Terms and conditions

By accessing Belifted Creations social media platforms, website and home address you are agreeing to be oblige by our terms and conditions.

Colours of balloons
We do our best to provide the most accurate image and colour of our products, actual colour and design may vary slightly, this is due to different device screen colour, brightness, and slight difference in product finishes. Where possible the client will be contacted to discuss changes to their purchase, however sometimes this will not be possible due to the time frame. Belifted creations owns the right to choose a similar product of the same value.

Changes to order
Changes to your order may be made 48 hours before scheduled pickup time. Changes to your order does not constitute a new order or a cancellation. However, changes outside of the 48 hour window may incur additional charges.

Cancellations of order must be 10 days prior to scheduled pickup. If your order was placed within those 10 days you have 24 hours from the time you placed or in. In the instance the order was to be picked up on the same day there would be no cancellation time and no refund would be given.

In the instance the Government has put restrictions in place. Your order will postponed for us up to 12 months for the planned delivery date.

Due to illness or other reasons the customer must contact Belifted Creations and an agreement may be put in place to postpone the date.

Refund Policy
No refund will be given unless its a manufacture issue/ fault on our behalf OR balloons deflating on delivery or in our care.

When delivering our products Belifted Creations do their best to deliver on time however sometimes unforeseen situations happens for example traffic jam, breakdown. The customer will be notified of the situation and do their best to get there as promptly as possible.
It is the customers responsibility to give us the correct delivery address. If the customer can not be contacted Belifted Creations will head back to our home address and the customer will need to pick them up from there or the customer will be charged an extra delivery fee.
It is the customers responsibility to ensure there is a recipient or representative to receive the order. If the customers would like the balloons left somewhere, the customer must inform Belifted Creations of location and are at full responsibility of damage to balloons and no refund will be given.
Dependent of the delivery, Belifted creations will offer 20% off the full retail price for a remake.
When picking up your order please make sure there is nothing sharp in your car and enough room. Belifted creations will not take responsibility if your balloons pop while entering the car. Please make sure your car is at a normal temperature. Helium balloons expand in heat coursing them to pop. Belifted creations takes no responsibility for your balloons once they have left our house.
Due to the general nature of balloons, Belifted Creations cannot guarantee your balloons will remain in good condition when using them outside. Using them outside may result in popping, going foggy from heat, and movement from the wind. Belifted Creations will not offer a refund or discount due to environment factors.